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Welcome everyone, I hope you’re ready for some Project Mouse on today’s “Project Life Wednesday” because I have some great stuff to show you! If you remember, last Friday I showed you the first layout I made with Project Mouse by Sahlin Studio, if you missed it you can check it out here. I’m working on putting together pages from some of the pictures we took on our Disney World vacation this past May and I’m still incredibly excited to use Project Mouse to create these pages! I will most likely be creating double page spreads for this album with the exception of the title and end pages just like a paper Project Life album. I haven’t created the title page yet as I’m not sure what picture or pictures I want to use but I will share it with you as soon as I decide! Without further ado, here’s what I’ve created for today:

Project Life and Project Mouse Disney trip album

My Project Life and Project Mouse Disney World Album

I love stripes. With that said, I had to spend some time lining up these stripes. Any normal person wouldn’t mind, but I think we’ve established I’m not normal! I’m glad I spent the time though, I think the double page spread came together nicely. Let’s take a closer look at these pages separately!

Project Life/Project Mouse Disney Album Page 1

This page mostly contains pictures from out last travel day and arriving at Disney World. It also shows one of the pictures I took showing the rain that continued for what seemed like a week! It was really only a couple days but the kids were so excited to get in the park! I included a picture showing part of the map for Fort Wilderness Campground. When we first got there it felt like I was going to get lost, by the time we left I knew my way around most of the area!

Project Life/Project Mouse Disney Album Page 1

This page contains pictures from our first park day. We visited the Magic Kingdom first so that we could ride Pirates of the Caribbean, see Captain Jack and get some haircuts! I think I tried on every set of ears Disney World offers looking for the perfect pair! I love that Disney has their own special “Mouse Ears” for a child’s “First Haircut”! Even though this wasn’t his first haircut, it WAS his first Disney haircut, that counts right? They were almost too small for his head but he really enjoyed the special treatment.

These pages were so fun to make! I have all of the Project Mouse bundles and it was even fun looking through all the cards, word bits, papers and embellishments! I have a few that I can’t wait to be able to use and I know you are going to love them too.

For this layout I used cards from many of the Project Mouse Bundles (scroll down to “products” and click the red “Project Mouse” logo to be taken to her store or keep scrolling for links to four of the bundles. There are currently 5 card bundles plus an Alpha Bundle and a Washi & Dates Bundle). I used the Project Life Digital Template A by Becky Higgins. I also used the “Snow Day” styles and “Snow Drop” brushes by Inspiredbydominic Designs. The 3″x4″ cork board card was made by using Corky Vol 1 style, also by Inspiredbydominic Designs.

I’m so glad everyone stopped by yesterday from Craft Gossip to check out my Photo Blending tutorial! That just made my day yesterday! I hope you all enjoyed seeing my layouts today and I look forward to showing you more as I dust off these pictures from a few months ago! Remember, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know and as always…


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42 thoughts on “Project Life Wednesday – Project Mouse Disney Album

  1. This is so cute! Before kiddos, I scrapbooked all the time. That was pre-digital scrapbooking. I’ve never picked it back up, but it seems like it would be much easier these days! I really need to organize all my kid pics like you do!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I just realized I have 19,000 photos on my computer… Time to move some off! Because I’m now working on my Project Life albums, I’ve decided to keep my photos in month batches. It makes it easier to find pictures from a certain time period! I love the lack of mess with digital scrapbooking but because it’s not a physical, growing pile, I’ve accumulated more then I realized! =)

    • Thanks for stopping by! Yes we got to see Captain Jack a few times! My youngest sees the poster in their room and every time says “Jack Sparrow!” Or when Lego Pirates gets turned on! I think we have 5 sets of ears between us right now, maybe we will get more next time =)

    • I’m always creating! My kids have been known to sit on my lap while we work and help me with the journaling while they remember the trips! I pull out at least a few pages each month to look at or work on and my kids love sitting with me and looking through them. I send them to family or they see them here too =) I’m glad you like them, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you. I enjoyed this. My daughter is great at doing on line scrapping, but I haven’t had the courage to try it yet. I need to though. I have TONS of items that need to be scrapbooked. You encourage me. Thanks

    • I’m so glad you feel that way Regina (by the way, I LOVE that name!) you should try it out and see if it works for you! There are so many different options and styles out there to use! Thanks for stopping by =)

  3. I love all the little details and your bright pictures. I love the black square with the hand pointing. Not sure why, I just do. It’s fun!

    • Thanks, glad you like it =) I love that card too, I was trying to really focus the attention on the Captain Jack picture right there! My kids just love pirates! Thanks for visiting!

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  6. Very nice. I have boxes and boxes of things I need to scrapbook! Hopefully I will get inspired to do it as I follow you in your adventures and the wonderful help that you provide.

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  8. Hi! I found you via Michelle’s blog hop this am — I’ve picked up a couple Project Mouse kits for our upcoming trip to Disney. I’m printing them to use in my traditional book (eeek) but I love seeing them in use. Great pages. I heart Disney. ;)

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